Effective communication tools furnished in the Agriya's Fiverr clone script

Communication is the key factor in a microjobs business, which helps to create a smooth relationship between the micro job professionals and employers. This strong bonding assists the professionals to complete the work which can appease the employers necessity. By viewing the importance of the communication in this microjobs industry, Agriya intellectually introduced their eminent Fiverr clone script with four vital communication tools and many required features to operate your microjobs website efficiently. Let's go through those tools of this script in detail.

Email delivery SMTP

Effectively manages your email by configuring it SMTP accurately. You just need to provide few details required from you. You can utilize this option only when you enable high-performance module available in this script. 

Email notification settings

Both buyers and sellers of your microjobs website will get the email updates regarding various activities like job request, payment, transaction and many more. Whenever a mail is sent, this feature notifies it all respective users. By getting an alert intimation, the users can easily come to know about what is happening in the website.

Email templates

Intimate your users about any information with the help of ready-made templates available in this script. You can easily communicate with both buyers and sellers. It assists you to create any kind of readily available email templates for future use, activities and occurrences.

Internal messaging board

This option helps the buyers and sellers to get connected with each other for creating a bond between them easily. This helps the buyers to clarify all doubt of the sellers and create a strong relationship with the effective communication. This also assists the sellers to get to know about the expectation of buyers about the job/gig with ease.

Core idea

Similarly, this Fiverr clone script has many surprises for your microjobs website. Check out our official site for detailed information about this script.

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