Exceptional Performance analysis tools provided in Agriya's Groupon clone script

Agriya introduced a dynamic Groupon clone script to satisfy the needs of numerous entrepreneurs for establishing their own group buying website in a short period of time. This script not only helps them in website construction, but also provides excellent performance analysis tools to run a cutting-edge daily deal website in the online world. Let us see all those tools in detail.

Detailed merchant stats

This script embedded this exceptional feature to your ideal group buying website where your authorized merchants can access and analyzes the sales data, charts and statistics of various details with ease. They can view their shop performance based on different categories like transaction stats, order stats, deal/live deal stats, coupons order stats and many more.

After viewing the performance results, merchants can plan and proceeds with their future deals in the shop. This option is crafted to your website because when the merchants are gaining profitable business then only you can run a daily deal website in a productive manner.

Advanced merchants dashboard

Any website owners need an admin dashboard to analyze the performance of the website and lead it in a right direction in order to attain the success easily. Agriya thought one step ahead and established their             Groupon clone script with additional advanced merchants dashboard feature which helps their merchants to analyzes their performance in the website with ease.

They can scrutinize their deal purchase details, coupons and buyers who are all bought the deals. They can also have a feeling that running a private shop in your group buying website.

Advanced statistics dashboard

This option assists the webmaster to check out the website performance based on various categories like demographics, best sold out deals, type of deals, etc. This assists you to keep track on all aspects of the website and you can make a decision how to improve your website growth respectively.

Final words

Likewise, there are numerous value adding features in this Groupon clone script. Contact Agriya to experience many more beneficial features about this script.

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