How to easily earn excess money by using Agriya's Freelance clone script?

Agriya introduced the freelance clone script with numerous revenue making options which help the entrepreneurs like you to run a profitable online business effortlessly. This script also furnished with numerous eminent features like exclusive escrow system, dispute management system, enhanced admin dashboard, project milestone, multiple payment gateways and many more options which assists you to efficiently operate the website in the digital world. Let us see the income streams of this script.

Revenue making options

This freelance clone script supports your website with the following revenue making options which assist you to earn money from the first day of your website launch and get your return on investment quickly.

  • Project listing fee-You can set up a listing fee for the freelance jobs posted in your website. Whenever the employer post a project, they have to pay a project listing fee to the site which is fixed by you.  
  • Job listing fee- For listing the project in the job category, the employers have to give a definite amount of money to the website owners.
  • Featured listing fee- When an employer wants to highlight their project in your website, they have to pay an extra money for featuring their project to attract many valuable freelancers.
  • Urgent listing fee- If the employer wants to complete their project urgently, then they can list the project in urgent listing. They have to pay the urgently listed fee to you for placing their project in high priority level. Once you receive the money, you can transfer the project in the urgent listing of the website. 
  • Employer's commission fee- When an employer gets a perfect freelancer to complete their work, you can collect a commission fee from them. This is the major resource for earning money from the website.
  • Freelancer's commission fee- This revenue option assists you to collect money from the freelancer,  once they have accepted the job proposal from the employers.
  • Advertisement captcha- It is not only the excellent money making option, but also acts as an anti-spam mechanism to protect your website from the non-human intervention.

Final words
These are the exceptional revenue options powered by this Freelancer clone script. There are many more indispensable features availed by this script. Contact us to gain more key details about this script.

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