Enter into Online Business Using Agriya's Freelance Marketplace Platform

Agriya's Freelance Marketplace Platform Suits Best for Budding Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur and considering to float a profitable freelance marketplace website, it is the appropriate time. The freelance industry is reaching great heights and experts are of the belief that this industry would grow by leaps and bounds.

One thing that may intrigue you is, how to launch a website with all cutting-edge features and multiple business models that can fetch you a lot of income! The answer to this lies in Agriya's innovative freelance clone script - 'Getlancer'. 

Integrated with three different business models – Freelance Bidding, Jobs Listing and Portfolio – this platform will no doubt bring success to the budding entrepreneurs. How can these three business models work in your favour? Let us see now. 

Freelance Bidding:

In this model, employers can list their projects. The freelancers bid for them. Whosoever wins the bidding for the projects, gets the task from the employer. 

Jobs Listing:

In this model, employers can list their jobs. From the list of freelancers who apply for the job, the employers can choose someone who is adept to his/her the requirements.


This model enables freelancers to create their portfolio. Freelancers can post images, descriptions, etc. to exhibit their skills. Interested employers can hire them.

With a variety of business models in one website, both employers and freelancers will find your website that is built using Agriya's freelance marketplace platform a best choice. Hence, more the users using your website, the more are your revenues. 

To Sum up:  

Freelance platform from Agriya is highly suitable for your freelance marketplace website. With wide-ranging features, extensive revenue generating options and a broad spectrum of 'verticals' adaptability, this freelance platform is for entrepreneurs who desire for success in the freelancing industry. To know more about this amazing product, immediately contact Agriya. 

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