Agriya releases the new version of Etsy clone

BuySell -  the Etsy clone script from Agriya has received upgradations and enhancements. The upgraded version v2.0b1 will be a delight to entrepreneurs planning to enter the world of online marketplace industry. The new version of Agriya's Etsy clone, which will create a dynamic buying and selling website, will further improve the website's speed, functionality and implementation. As part of its established customer-first approach, the leading web development company promises to offer complete guidance to its customers.

The enhancements made to BuySell are significant and will contribute in improving the efficiency of your website. The enhancements will also help you to succeed as an entrepreneur in the online buying and selling business.

Changes made in BuySell new version v2.0b1

Version v2.0b1 of Etsy clone will significantly increase the visibility of each and every single webpage of your website. Another change that is made to provide an incredible script to our customers is the distinct meta characteristics for every page of your website. So, modifying the descriptions, keywords and meta titles of each and every web page will henceforth be simpler. As a result, the organic search result rankings for your buying and selling website will rise.

Another major change to BuySell is with regard to the loading speed. This new version will build you a website that will have a dramatically high loading speed after its launch. If your online buying and selling marketplace website has such a good loading speed, it will be more efficient and can win user reliability.

Simultaneously, all necessary steps have been taken to remove even the trivial issues that existed in the previous version. Now the new version can do wonders for your website and help you to attain great success.

Use this enhanced version of Etsy clone and succeed in the online marketplace industry easily. Visit Agriya store and then login with your registered id for downloading the new version of BuySell v2.0b1 . Also, you can easily download all the patch files from our store for switching your Buying & selling website to the new version.

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