4 ways to overcome your online marketplace challenges

etsy clone script

Running an online marketplace website successfully can happen only when entrepreneurs invest proper resources, time and effort. All such effort starts right from knowing how to build an eCommerce website. It is really a challenge for many entrepreneurs, particularly if they do not come from a tech background. However, this should not deter a confident and aspiring entrepreneur.

Creating and launching a marketplace website

Choosing a right eCommerce website development company that can prove to be the best eCommerce website builder is important. Once that is done, you have to decide on whether you want to build your website right from scratch or use eCommerce website templates. Both methods have their own set of advantages. 

Templates are developed by replicating the successful marketplace websites. They are customizable, contain a host of features and give your eCommerce website design an edge. A marketplace website template like Etsy clone is highly recommended. Opting for Etsy clone script means the first hurdle of creating and launching a marketplace website is passed. 

Customer service

Customer service includes serving both the sellers and buyers on your website, in a way that makes their jobs easier. 

Sellers should be allowed to easily start selling their products. Sellers should also be in a position to give away daily deals to the buyers. Also important is featured seller option, using which sellers can feature their products on top of your website in such a way their product visibility increases. 

Other services like cancellation policy, commenting system, shopping cart, address management system, discount price, feedback, etc are equally important in contributing to your website's success. The above customer services should be integral to the template you choose. 


Building trust for your marketplace website is important. Timely delivery of products to buyers, keeping the buyers in the loop about the tentative date of delivery, etc contribute to enhanced trust.

The quality of your eCommerce website also plays a role in building trust. The website has to be simple but elegant. It should be impressive and pleasing, making it an instant trust builder. Payment options do play a role. Multiple currency options help buyers to know the value of product, price variations in different currencies.

The importance of smart and secure payment options cannot be underrated. Additionally, buyers should be enabled to use PayPal account or wallet or both together. 

Making the marketplace popular

Without your marketplace becoming popular, it couldn't reach the masses, both buyers and sellers included. Put in place the right marketing strategies. Leverage the power of social media, search engine marketing, press releases, traditional media, etc.

However, the presence of SEO friendly URLs in the template you choose helps in marketing. With the SEO friendly development of template, your eCommerce platform will easily rank on the search engines, making it visible to the audience.

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