5 essential factors to build a successful Groupon clone

Groupon clone

Who doesn't love to grab the online surprise discount deals on products and services? Obviously, none! The online business model of connecting merchants, offering group discount deals on a website, and customers, who look for massive discount deals, is fast emerging as a profitable business venture for webmasters. In this business model, daily discount deals are offered on food, drinks, hotel staying, resorts and spas, yoga, beauty care, laundry, and what not! Arguably, any customer-oriented services under the sun can become a Group deal.

Your task as a webmaster facilitating a win-win situation for merchants (mainly small and medium-sized businesses) and deal buyers, or customers starts with creating an excellent Group deal website. It is also important to consider some essentials factors for building a lucrative Group deals platform

Choosing the right software

Here is where many entrepreneurs have to take utmost care. For launching any website, choosing an excellent Group buying software is mandatory. Launching your site too on the lines of Groupon will be a wise choice. Choosing a Groupon clone script means your website could easily catch the attention of merchants, and can increase customer traffic.

Moreover, even a webmaster with not much tech background can enter into the Group deals business as against the conventional wisdom that says only people with a tech background can enter into such online business. This software does all the job of creating a website effortlessly.

Pre-authorization facility in payments

For a purchased deal to become redeemable, a merchant can specify that a minimum number of people have to buy it. Consumers buy a particular deal and their money is withheld by the credit card company. Once the specified purchase targets are met, your Group deal website has to request the credit card company to process the payments; After which the coupons are sent to a consumer to get them redeemed.

This method is called as pre-authorization, which is important for your website. That said, your script needs to have it integrated. 

Deal categories and city selection option

At the home page of your website, it is necessary to have things simple, so that customers can easily access the various deal categories. All deal categories, including travel deals, have to be put in such a way that customer finds them in a hassle free manner. The categories also have to be displayed aesthetically with names and logos. This enhances the customer experience and usability.

All needed features

A wide range of options has to be provided to your website users so that your website becomes a hit. Features are not only meant for satisfying your user requirements, they also enhance trust, loyalty, user experience, and finally, push growth and revenue of your website. Social sharing, MailChimp integration, Wallet system are a few features that are a prerequisite.
Affiliate program

At least in the initial days of launching your daily or Group deals website, it is nice to have your website marketed. However, you may not be inclined to opt for paid online advertisements. In that case, running an affiliate program will be ideal. You can pay your registered affiliate blogs or websites that send traffic and result in the purchase of deals. The whole affiliate system should be automated. An affiliate gets an affiliate link and can keep following the commissions they earn.

With the growing awareness of such daily and group deals offered online, an increasing number of people are buying such discount deals, making this business field lucrative for webmasters.

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