6 success determining factors to consider while building a Uber clone

uber clone script

Not once, not twice, many a time we are flooded with inquiries from clients that, if we have a taxi booking script on offer to create a tax-hailing app like that of Uber. This question is very much expected and is also timely in nature. Uber like business model has tasted a huge success and has drawn the attention of many aspiring webmasters to replicate the Uber's success in their own countries, even if there are such business models in existence. This desire in them proves the point on how profitable this industry is!

Taking cognisance of the demand from entrepreneurs, a high-quality Uber clone script has been developed by Agriya. Hence, using this app script, it would be easy to launch an On-demand taxi-hailing app for both iOS and Android devices. However, it is pertinent that selection of the script has to be made empirically by considering the factors that determine the success.

6 success determining factors to consider while building a Uber clone

Market analysis

Any business, before to launching a product or a service, has to study the market, the competition, the quality of existing services, growth aspects and the chances of profitability. Only then, it is advised to plunge into the market. So,execute a thorough competitor analysis.

Marketing and promotion

While it may be easy to enter the market with the availability of advanced Uber clone scripts, your job, however, doesn't end there. For success, marketing and promotion are indispensable. Draw a marketing strategy to build brand awareness, brand promotion.

It is also significant that proper customer service is provided. Scale-up the back-end infrastructure. Take feedback from the customers and analyze the data as it would really be insightful.

Increasing the user base and facing competition

Fix your pricing very competitively so that you take on your competitors head-on. If your app is launched for users in tier-2 or tier-3 cities, you may have a first mover advantage. In case, you aim to challenge the leaders in the market in big cities, pricing appropriately is important. Offers such as initial free ride, etc can be a game changer.

Taking such decisive steps will build a public awareness, word-of-mouth publicity. Therefore, slowly but steadily your app will witness a steep rise in the user-base graph.


Incorporating the most advanced features for taxi booking app will really pay-off. Since you can opt for a well developed Uber clone, features come inbuilt. However, if need be, you can request for addition of any specific feature that you need.

Payment modes

Multiple payment gateways have to be available for passengers. It should be easy for passengers to pay their fare using their credit or debit card. Additionally, Wallet option has to be provided in the app, so that passengers can transfer a certain sum of money into their wallet and can make payments using that.


Right from booking a cab on their apps, the availability of cabs nearby, the timely arrival of cabs, to the checkout process of passengers, everything should be smooth. User-experience cannot be ignored as this can have a profound impact on your business. Take utmost care when it comes to offering the best ever user-experience. 


Important of all will be the script you choose in creating your taxi-hailing app. There may be many companies offering the script, however, the next-generation product of Agriya makes a world of difference.

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