How to start small and capture the logistic industry like Uber?

Uber is widely known for its taxi-hailing app, connecting the cab drivers and the passengers. Life has changed for good for passengers as well as the cab drivers. Finding potential passengers is now easier for cab owners, booking a taxi is just a touch away from the passengers.

Uber for X is something that you would have heard. The core technology used in Uber, through a map, in finding 'something' in the closest location is now seeing applicability in diverse areas.

Just some Out-of-Box thinking can help strike a great idea in your mind. Uber, now has also entered into logistics industry providing on-demand truck despatch. Nearby Trucks that can deliver goods, grocery from a warehouse can be easily found on the app. This has especially become a boon for e-commerce sites, which, by using such Logistics-enabling apps can reduce their costs in a big way.

Diversifying Logistics aggregator app

Logistics aggregator business, through an app, need not be only restricted to partnering with some e-commerce giant to transport goods; it can also be used to connect truck owners with the public, who may have many reasons to transport their goods from one area of the city or town to the other.

They can go the online route to find the trucks available in their locality.Say, shifting a table to one's grandparent's home or to shift or to pack all the furniture and other stuff to a new home in the same town or another town. For all such needs, the app you are planning to launch can be helpful.

How to start small & capture the logistic industry like Uber?

So, are you now, as an aspiring entrepreneur, convinced that the time is ripe to disrupt the logistics industry, particularly in small commercial vehicle market? Then, you need to start up by launching an app,

Availability of quality script for creating an app like Uber, Lyft, which can also be used for the creation of apps for diverse verticals has been challenging. In such a scenario, Uber clone, a cutting-edge taxi booking script, will be the right choice.

The script has numerous features and will be a breeze for users to navigate. Navigation can be accorded highest priority so as to make your future app the most successful one. In addition, customization of the app can be done, so that it can be tuned according to your choice.


Start up you app at the earliest so as to get a first mover advantage. A right script like Agriya's Taxi Pickr, coupled with proper strategies can make your app a successful venture.

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