Tips to help relaunch a failed Kickstarter campaign into success

You may take so much of pain and effort in order to make your campaign successful on Kickstarter. But you may fail, despite carrying out the campaign in the best possible manner. However, you can relaunch the campaign again, but, this time, not repeating the same mistakes that led to your campaign failure.

Tips to help relaunch a failed Kickstarter campaign into success

1. Be pragmatic when it comes to setting your budget goals. If the funders consider your goal to be too high, then they may overlook your project.

2. The major reason for failing in your first campaign may be that you have been a novice when it comes to campaign promotional activities like video making, product photos, descriptions and illustrations. Make videos that speak about your product, its functionality and benefits. No point in speaking all about yourself.

3. Be open to feedback and criticism. Rather than taking your own decisions, seek an opinion from people around you and from experts in crowdfunding. Receive feedback from friends and family members. Not just from them, get insights from people who have already been successful with their campaigns on Kickstarter. The other campaign creators can offer you useful information.

4. Participate in Kickstarter forums, start threads, give feedback and also take feedback. This is the best approach so that you can succeed at least in the relaunched campaign.

5. Your Kickstarter pages have to be crisp and up to the point. Do not overload the information and make it a daunting task for a backer to go through. At one point, owing to lengthy information, the backer may retreat and may not fund your project or campaign.

6. What you need to know is that even the failed campaign page of yours would be helpful and can play a role in the success of your relaunched campaign. You can still access the page of the failed crowdfunding project. You can also add files and videos and images to that page though not allowed to edit story page. How useful is it? You can connect old campaign and the new one. Add video to an old page, request backers to contribute to the campaign that you have relaunched.

7. Above all, market the campaign you launch on Kickstarter very much in advance. Social media is now the best mode to reach out to people. Use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and other social media platforms and convince the potential funders.


Put your best efforts to become successful with your very first campaign on Kickstarter. In case you failed, do not give it up. Relaunch you campaign and ensure its success. All that said, Kickstarter is not the only platform, there are many more platforms being launched by entrepreneurs with the use Kickstarter clone script. Many such websites are needed so as to cater to the needs of growing number of people trying to solicit funds through the online route.

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