Why You should buy Agriya's Crowdfunding Platform For Your Crowdfunding business?

A practice that involves raising monetary funds from a large number of interested people, crowdfunding has always been an alternative to the traditional financial system. Its an age-old concept that began with authors and publishers and later reached out to entertainment and other business ventures. A crowdfunding platform acts as a mediator bringing together the project initiator and one or more individuals that are interested in that idea. These two along with the platform form the base for crowdfunding.

Agriya's Crowdfunding Platform

Agriya, a pioneer in creating mobile apps and ready-made clone scripts, has perfectly grasped the idea of a fundraising business model and has created crowdfunding clone scripts that can be customized according to the various needs. Agriya has classified it's crowdfunding platform into four exclusive types.

Pledge, a Kickstarter clone script used to create website for product-related companies and for individuals to raise funds and awareness for their creative ideas for the exchange of rewards or pre-sales
Donate, a fundraising script preferred by websites that request donations for non-profit organizations
Equity, a crowdfunding script that powers websites those invite companies to list innovative ideas for investors to look into them and if interested they make investment and take-up shares as returns
Lend, a lending and borrowing script that allows you to create a lending based crowdfunding site. Business organizations and individuals post their ideas on the website and interested investors lend money for a specific interest rate.

Benefits, You Receive From Using Agriya's Crowdfunding Platform

You as a Webmaster who created your website based on the diverse and excellent Agriya's crowdfunding platform enjoy multiple benefits from the four different types. Discussed below in detail are the few of them

Flawless Revenue Model

A tried-and-proven model helps you generate revenue soon after the site goes live. The common modes of revenue for all four types are the Membership fees, Listing fees, Ad Banners and Ad-Captcha. Apart from these, each different clone script brings in a website commission that varies from one type to another.

Highly dynamic and responsive website

The responsiveness of websites powered by the Agriya are immaculate and SEO-friendly, making sure you don’t miss a single potential customer. The cutting-edge technologies used to drive these clone scripts make the site compatible with most of the smart devices. Endless features like Google analytics, Google page speed, CSV export, Cloudflare, Redis and Amazon S3 to name a few, enable a smooth flow of business operations. Every clone script of this crowdfunding platform has the ability to reach out to multiple verticals, in turn opening up various business opportunities.


In a  market space that is ever-evolving, Agriya's team of dynamic individuals takes immense care for it's crowdfunding platform to keep up with the current trends. With a concept that benefits the host sites, the project initiators and the investors, Agriya's Crowdfunding Platform is a true champion!

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