What is so special about recently launched Agriya’s seven different online learning platform scripts ?

onlline learning platforms

An innovative form of learning anything in this modern lifestyle is opting for online learning platforms. Terming this rise in the e-learning trends, Agriya put forward their immensely developed 7 different online learning softwares for gratifying the needs of creating versatile e-learning platforms with ease. All our scripts have taken away the sheen of entering into this online learning community at a faster pace.

What are those 7 scripts?

Agriya made a memorable product launch elsewhere in its history by launching 7 wonderful e-learning platform scripts at a single instance. Here are those off the shelf softwares which help to establish comprehensive e-learning platforms immediately.

1.    Udemy clone script - Teachr

2.    Lynda clone script - Tutor

3.    Skillshare clone script - Skillr

4.    Coursera clone script - Graspr

5.    Udacity clone script - Learnr

6.    Teamtreehouse clone script - Teamr

7.    Khan Academy clone script - Trainr

Getting started with explanations of these scripts; all seems similar in business concept, (i.e.,) online learning platform, but there is a significant difference in its working mechanism, functionality, the strategy used, and much more. Each and every e-learning script is individually designed and developed for meeting distinctive needs in the online Teach-learn community.

Decisive factors of our 7 e-learning softwares

The most decisive aspects that drive you to opt for any of these scripts are available in plenty. All its special amenities and facilities keep your online training platform to the corporate standard and remains you stay away from the rivals. Here, we list a few of them.

•    This script is made of advanced and state-of-the-art technologies which assist you to lead the elearning industry.

•    It makes your online learning marketplace, a remarkable platform, with more additional modules, facilities and revenue streams.

•    Its’ adaptability and flexibility nature help the entrepreneurs to create a unique place in the e-learning community.

•    With these e-learning platforms, entrepreneurs are liable to run diverse kinds of learning platforms. It includes art, web development, photography, lifestyle, marketing, mobile app development, to name a few.

•    These 7 scripts come along with excellent technical support, 1 year free updates, free brand removal & installation and explicit access to the source code.

To conclude, the aforesaid is the exceptional facts about all our seven e-learning scripts. Take a lead in the online learning community by utilizing any of our scripts. 

Airbnb Clone

[airbnb clone][bsummary]

Freelancer Clone

[freelancer clone][bigposts]

Fiverr Clone

[fiverr clone script][twocolumns]