What To Expect In The Latest Update of Agriya's Getlancer - Freelance Platform Scripts?

With the advancements in the technologies that happen every single day in the online medium, one has to be proactive to keep up with these dynamic changes, to maintain an excellent level of consistency in any online business. Two-sided market space such as an online freelancer forum must be even more receptive to these changes. Agriya's team of  excellent developers has done a wonderful job in matching the expectations and coming up with fine updated versions of the Getlancer Scripts.

The Major Corrections And Updates

Based on the valuable feedback from the clients, Agriya was able to come up with the following changes and updates to its Getlancer - Freelance platform scripts.

Errors Fixes With Regard to

• Disputed project not moving automatically to the "Waiting For Administrator Decision"

• "Post a Project" page not opening through pjax click.

• Portfolio listing JSON error when Portfolio Favorite plugin is disabled.

• Job listing API error when Job Favourite plugin is disabled.

• Search Page not opening (If Project plugin is not available).

• Clicking the header search icon from dashboard page.

Check the Demo here,

  Demo of Getlancer Product - Freelance Platform Scripts

Other Notable Updates Include

• Fixes with regard to transition between the translation manage pages at the admin's end

• More characters allowed for the "Project Description"

• Optimization of data queries in the "User Dashboard" page and all the sub-tabs

• Proper displaying of "Total Payment", when choosing "Featured"/"Mark as Urgent" in Post a Projects and Post a Jobs pages.

• Caching error fixed that prevented send and withdraw request.

• Addition of auto-complete loader for address fields in  Post a Job, Post a Project, Request a Quote, Registration and Profile edit pages.

• Displaying of maps in the refined map search for the  freelancer, project and jobs listing pages.

• Corrections with regard to the Portfolio List API calls.

With additional enhancements to all major functions, you're all set to witness a flawless freelance business in the most efficient manner.

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