How an entrepreneur can successfully establish a business model like Uber?

The successful business model which Uber promotes is not done in a day. If you analyze the dream-run of Uber from the date of its introduction to the present, you will obviously find certain calculated risks, and planned strategies that were aggressively put to act by its founders. It acknowledged the rise of an innovative business model which was very well appreciated all over the world, and it compelled many entrepreneurs to follow the same strategy.

Uber is extending its reach to multiple towns, and now the company’s value is above $51 Billion. It has got more than 8.2 billion users, and millions of drivers registered with it. It runs nearly 1 million trips a day. In addition to all these, Uber gets the registration of fifty thousand new drivers in every month. To create an application like Uber, and to run it successfully, every business person should have a thorough knowledge of the business model which Uber promotes, and how they make the idea triumph? This article interprets the point in brief.

A simple business model

No more complications! The business methodology is super simple as it is. Customers do not have to argue with the drivers, fix the fare, and then go for the ride. Just tap on the mobile screens, and get the driver nearby your geo-location, and fix the drive. Pay fixed rates according to the kilometers you have traveled at the end of the journey. Only standard fares will be charged, and it is same for every user, that too fixed. Users can track the driver, and make payments online. Users as well as drivers can review the experience of the travel. The system works smoothly with the aid of GPS, and payment gateways supported by relative servers.

It has some surprises for everyone

What drive a taxi booking script like Uber forward are the surprises it offers for everyone. Of course, the fare, users pay for the local taxi drivers will be high. At times it can be almost double in comparison with the rates of Uber. Uber provides discounts to senior citizens, kids, and frequent travelers. Users get the benefits of choosing the cabs and drivers they need.

The price will be charged according to the cities, the demands of users, and availability of drivers. According to the kilometers traveled by the customers, the fare will automatically go high by offering benefits for both drivers, as well as users. Drivers will get the advantage of a flexible working schedule, and drivers receive prompt payment online. Divers will get the payment even if they do not get any ride in a day. It proves to be an additional source of income to drivers, as well. Thus the business model promoted by Uber favors both drivers as well as the users.

How this business model got established?

Uber runs on commission it receives from each ride, and advertisements that run on their websites, and applications. It has a large base of users and drivers registered under the spell. Hence the small amount of commission, uber collects from per ride grows into a big amount in total. It enables them to offer timely discounts, and grabs more users into the model, as well.

Uber has selected representatives, and marketing managers in every city to take care of their business. They find new drivers having their own cabs, and spread the word of this business model by making use of social media platforms, radio, and other sources of advertisement without fail. Thus Uber establishes itself, and rides into good fortunes.

Be ready to improvise, and establish yourself 

To run an application like Uber, you need to improvise the technologies and strategies consistently. It is a challenge, and aspiring entrepreneurs can meet it with the aid of a highly refined uber clone script available in the market. Be confident enough to take the challenge and establish your business model as the same as Uber practices.

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