5 Key Factors for Success in Service Marketplace Website

Times have changed and so our approach towards meeting our needs. It is no exaggeration to say that it is now a must for each one of us to keep up with the changing times. This holds true for even the way we offer and buy services. Every kind of service has moved online in order to offer better services to the people at large. That being the case, offering and seeking of local services, too, is now fast catching up.

Service Marketplace Websites: Now in Vogue

Is that back pain taking a toll on the quality of your life and so you are looking forward to hiring a yoga instructor? Or you are in need of an electrician who can fix that annoying air conditioner? Meeting such service needs is now just a click away, or rather a swipe away.

Online community marketplaces like taskrabbit which allow listing and booking of local services are now in great demand. Such websites cater to the needs of both service provider and service buyer. If the service seeker is benefited with convenience and ease, the service provider could expand his horizons by reaching the bigger audience, and thereby multiply his profits.

The list of services offered is endless. Ranging from plumbing, tattooing, babysitting to tutoring, every kind of service can be sought easily, that too, in one's own locality. Amazing, isn't it?

Demand for Service Marketplace Websites

Having said about how the service professionals and seekers can benefit, it is time to ponder over how entrepreneurs, who launch such a website, can succeed based on thumbtack or taskrabbit business model.

Before knowing the factors for success in the service marketplace industry, growth analysis of this business model has to be studied. More services and an increasing number of providers and buyers have translated into more demand for service marketplace websites. This demand has in turn propelled the demand for ready-made scripts, especially for the taskrabbit clone script.

Launching a website using scripts is highly rewarding, but some key factors have to be taken into consideration as this industry is known to have many pitfalls.

 Demo of the Getlancer Quote - Taskrabbit clone, a ready-made script

5 Major Key Things to Attain Success in a Service Marketplace Sector

A Picture Perfect Website

Most of all, an appealing website with all the needed features, wonderful user-interface and dynamic web designs is important. This aspect isn't the one that can be overlooked. Ensuring that the website is easily navigable is important.

Research the Supply and Demand

Supply, here, means the number of service providers in a locality. Demand means the chances of people availing those services. Supply and demand may be balanced or skewed, depending on the locality. So, some in-depth study has to be done in this regard.

Reach Out to the Service Providers

After the launch of your website, it is important you market it. It would be naive if you sit back and relax, expecting service providers to register on your website. At least during the initial period of launch reach out to the service providers. Send bulk and customized emails to service providers explaining the advantages of listing their services on your website. Over a period of time, with the word-of-mouth, many would register. When developing a home service marketplace, reaching out the audiences is much important for an entrepreneur to reach their market.

Transparency: a must

You have to pay a huge price if trust and transparency are lacking. How can a consumer or a service seeker trust a service provider, or his quality of service? This can be done by doing some background checks. Also, in the interest of consumers, enable your website to add testimonials, ratings, reviews, etc.

Niche or Broad-based Services?

Decide on whether you want to throw open your website to only a particular kind of services or all kinds of services. Demand for individual services has to be considered during decision making. Given that this business model is still fledgling, the time isn't just ripe for offering niche services.


Right strategies, right approach when applied can bring success soon after launching a cutting-edge service marketplace website. This growing business model is now tested and has proved to be the next big thing. Moreover, it being a budding idea, it is time for entrepreneurs to grab opportunities.

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