Core Features to be Integrated in a Course Learning Website

course learning website

Online education is slowly and steadily growing in stature, with it’s various technical upgradation and improvisation.It has completely changed the perception of how education was seen and preached before. To be fair, it has altogether brought a new dimension to the art of learning.It has grown from strength to strength, almost with elephantine number of students and learners as followers all across the world.

With the number of learning penchants and enthusiasts getting multiplied from day to day in this online learning platform, there bound to be some progress in coping up with the learner’s constantly changing curiosity,preferences and predilections. As an entrepreneur and a business person, you got to make sure that the learners are well served beyond to the level of their expectations. Let us discuss some of features, which are to be made mandatory for setting the tone, as far as your learning platform is concerned.

Classifying the content according to the potential and aptitude of the learners

This basically means that  you must provide with an element called instructional level, which gives the learners the much needed comfort to choose for their level of competency. For Example, you can classify as beginner,intermediate and experts respectively. Make sure that your content stands distinctive enough in all those areas of classification. This appeasing of  your learners will stand stead good, almost at any point of time in your online-learning  business venture. If you are about to try developing the course learning platform in short duration of time, then there is a Coursera clone script readily available in the market, Which will set you right on track.

Fixing a validity time and thereby setting a standard

It’s very crucial from both the learner’s and instructor’s perspective to fix a validity time for each course, beyond which the course shouldn’t be available in the website.Having said that, what stands important is that one has to be very mindful before finalizing a time period  for a certain course, neither it shouldn’t be too fast-paced nor too slow-moving. Once the course gets removed from the availability list, it gives the space to add up new courses and thereby to rope in new learners as well.

Subscription pricing and tactics to be followed
It’s pivotal that your content should be backed up with complimentary article and video lessons, so that the learners can satiate their learning appetite by getting subscribed to these added beneficial features at anytime anywhere and get to know every aspects of the course they are following.And the level of pricing can be partitioned as basic,medium and premium.

Curriculum of all the courses

It’s not assured that almost all of the visiting learners will be preoccupied with a particular course on their mind and some might just check in to find whether their fancied course is available.In both cases, it’s cardinal to provide details about the course and what it’s all about. This will help them tremendously to comprehend about a particular course and to come to a conclusion, whether it will fit them or not?, and get started in no-time.

To Conclude
To start and run a successful online learning platform, there are several features which must be implemented. However, the above mentioned factors stands tall among all of them.If you are seeking example, don’t go too far , as there are some  leading and pioneering online learning platforms such as coursera and udemy, which will give you an clear indication of how to enhance and maintain a online learning platform.

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