Agriya brings up a new Online Food Ordering Script - Just Eat Clone

With Agriya’s newly launched ‘Online Food Ordering Script - Just Eat Clone’, the task of online ordering has been made easier. Entrepreneurs who dream to have their own online food ordering business can surely make use of this user-friendly ready-made script. Take hold of this script to experience all the features included in it and lead your budding business venture through it.

How it will be beneficial to user?

1. Restaurant search is made easier with this script allowing the user to search for a favorite restaurant with just a few clicks where they will get a clear view in a single page itself.  

2. Enables the users to get a clear view of the restaurant layout and book the seating arrangements if needed.

3. With the dashboard option included in this script, the users can view the progress of their ordered items and real time process.

4. The user can get into the thick of action by accessing the ‘from the admin’ and the restaurant user inbox itself. 

5. Without logging in or creating a user profile, this script also allows the user to make orders by checking in as a guest user.

How it will be beneficial to Restaurant Personnel?

1. This Just Eat clone script also enables the Restaurant owners in showcasing their list of periodic or special offers allowing users to have a glance through it.

2. It allows the Restaurant personnel to list, manage and coordinate several branches of the restaurant from the same website at a swift.

3. This script makes the Restaurant to manage and change accordingly the necessary details needed to let the user know the aspects of the place. 

4. They can also have a clear view on the current progress of the items being ordered by the users.


Lead your dreaming online business career with Agriya’s ‘Online Food Ordering Script’ and taste its fruit-fullness through your journey ahead.

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