Launch an Instant Messaging App Like WhatsApp with these Advanced Features

Agriya is once again in the thick of action by having launched its new WhatsApp clone script naming it BlaberChat. Close to WhatsApp, it has all its features including few rich set of exceptional features added up. A complete pack that encourages its entrepreneurs throughout their business venture on the go.

Being aware of the instant messaging apps growing up day-by-day, Agriya came to the idea of developing a similar messaging app like WhatsApp, considered to be the World’s largest messaging app, thereby allowing all the iPhone users in sharing their texts, videos, images and so on with just a few clicks away.

Rich set of features

This effective WhatsApp clone script is crafted in a way such that it functions similar to that of its WhatsApp, including in it a few set of unique features. Enabling quick messages and calls with utmost perfection. Blaberchat's common features include single chat/group chat, video or audio or image sharing, add contacts, delete contacts, add/delete recipients in for group chats, sharing contacts, share place and much more.

Now let’s see what BlaberChat unique features are:

Easy Image Crop

Users can now crop their images easily from unwanted elements thereby highlighting only the needed parts of the image.

Facebook Profile Pic

While signing up their account in BlaberChat, users can now use their Facebook profile picture and name, thereby saving up much time.

Sharing Files

BlaberChat allows the users to share video, audio files of size above 50MB.

Group Chats With 1K

BlaberChat users can now have chats with up to 1000 members in their group chats.

With these exceptional features, it is designed so as to improve the experience of the end-users by delighting them with this instant messaging app.

Find the demo of the script here,

Business verticals beneficial with BlaberChat

BlaberChat will surely be an outbreak in the business verticals providing up to a maximum outcome value. It will be beneficial in the IT and Marketing sectors, where it can be used during the product promotion, conducting team meetings, client interactions, internal team communications. Apart from this , it will be a major part in other business sectors like educational, NGO, medical, retail sectors and much more.

Concluding, with BlaberChats advanced features and a rich set of reliable services, benefit from it and glance through it flourishing in your business goals.

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