Agriya releases a technically enhanced new version of Getlancer Quote - Thumbtack clone script

Thumbtack Clone New Version Update

Currently, the Freelance market is going through a rapid growth. Statistics have revealed that in countries like UK and Australia many millennials are giving up on the traditional 9 to 5 jobs and shifting towards Freelance jobs. Keeping this rapid growth of the freelance economy in mind we at Agriya are proud to announce the launch of the New version of Getlancer Quote - Thumbtack clone script.The new version packs a punch and promises to serve as an effective connecting bridge between service providers and service users. Let’s analyze the key upgrades incorporated in the latest version of Getlancer quote.

Renewed Revenue model  

For an uninterrupted business process to take place, the revenue model has completely been redesigned. A subscription was introduced to induce smooth business transactions across the verticals for different service requests.

New Service quote filters

The previous version was sluggish in certain aspects. We intended to rectify this persisting issue. So the new version has undergone a major uplift. A filter has been added which will enable users to sort out services based on user ratings, location, and relevance. This will allow users to choose their preferred service provider from a comprehensive list. 

Location Integration

The lack of location details in the previous version left a rather cumbersome experience for the users. We have rectified this issue by including an exclusive search option. This will help the users in identifying the service providers located within a certain vicinity. 

Exclusive Key upgrades 

Certain key upgrades have been added to this new version of Getlancer quote. To assist the new service providers registering with the website an exclusive welcome plan has been introduced, which will give a bonus credit of 10 points.Paypal gateway is enabled which will facilitate more options for payment. 

More responsible framework 

The new version is highly stable thanks to a sturdy Angularjs and PHP framework for the front end and a slim framework for the back-end support. To offer more flexibility and stability new technological upgrades such as REST have been incorporated. 

To conclude the new version of Getlancer quote aims to improve the user experience which was lacking in previous versions This updated version will help the user in adapting to the latest practices of the Freelance economy and thrive successfully in a market filled with competitors.  

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