Announcing the release of Agriya’s upgraded Getlancer Bidding, Job & Portfolio - Freelance scripts

Getlancer Freelance Script - Upgraded

A Constant improvement is a must for any business venture. when your business is online-driven, constant improvisation becomes that much important. The changes you effect on your web platform has a larger impact on entire business operation. Keeping pace with technological advancements can definitely help you find better results. Realizing this, Agriya releases a technically upgraded version of Getlancer product-line comprising Bidding, Job, and portfolio. 

Previously, Getlancer Quote received a timely update and now it’s time to upgrade all other products 

Now, these freelancing marketplace scripts are all set to offer a trouble-free experience to both freelancers and employers. 

What does this update cover?

We have worked on increasing the operational efficiency of the product concentrating on usability and functionality. To support and boost business conversions, scalability of the script has been tweaked through error-free coding methodologies. 

The Front-end of the script will now be actuated by Angular JS and the Back-end by Slim framework. This combination assures both stable and secure functionality to the script. 

The UX design has been significantly changed by enhancing conversational interfaces and functional animations. Also, changes are done to provide excellent visibility status by which both employers and freelancers will better understand the workflow. Typographical typefaces and fonts are taken into consideration to offer heightened user experience. 

To meet website concurrency related challenges, robustness and operability turn as the key. Ultimately, these are factors that measure your success. It all boils down to scalability and that’s why we have surged scalability as well by working on caching.  

The REST Technology 

Now, this web application becomes RESTful as we have imparted Representational State Transfer Technology (REST). This, in turn, makes the app script securer by deriving tighter security measures. To extend the application’s flexibility, RESTful API handles HTTP method explicitly. 

Core Purpose 

Consistently imposing latest technical advancements just smooths out the complex workflow of your business. A Business application integrated with modern-day framework expands your user base. It will be very advantageous; coupling frameworks like Angular JS and slim. In concurrence, Getlancer Bidding, Job, and portfolio will all be augmented under this new adaption. 

Here's the demo,

Final words

These purposeful adjustments can aid you to make instant progress in the highly competitive freelance marketplace. Take advantage of this latest upgrade release from Agriya and stay ahead of the curve. 

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