Agriya launches an on-demand standalone app update for its Taxi Booking Script - TaxiPickr

Agriya frequently applies technological innovations across all of its product stacks. We keep pace with prevailing advancements in the field of technology and that encourage us to innovate with applicable developments. 

And, here we launch an exciting standalone app build update to our Taxi booking app script- TaxiPickr. With this update, we made sure that the bugs and irregularities of the app stay away once and for all. 

This release supports both the iOS and Android versions uniformly. 

User and driver-tailored app build 

From now on, both user and driver can benefit from the separate app system. Yes, two discrete versions of the TaxiPickr app, one for the user and one for the driver are out for downloads. The driver app is implemented to create answers for all problems encountered by them while driving. Whereas, the user app is developed completely by prioritizing user-friendliness and robustness. Moreover, both builds measures some elements in common as well. 

The technicalities behind the update 

The front-end of the app is built with future-proofing Angular JS framework. And, the back-end by using the time-tested slim and PHP (5.5.9) combination. To enhance the app’s ongoing speed and performance ability, “Postgres SQL” database is favored. For iOS, the coding operations are performed using the time-tested “Objective C” language. Meanwhile, for Android, it’s implemented via the advanced Java programming language. 

Wait! There’s another update around the corner 

We, at Agriya, are targeting another update release in a month’s time and it is basically based on functionality and design enhancements. 

So, the focus is on:

1.Integrating an in-built calculation mechanics to carry out waiting time charge calculation along with late night and peak hour charges. 

2.Offering well-crafted design layouts and functionality subsets to improve user-friendliness. 

3.Facilitating a user with the estimation of time, distance and direction via Google API. 

4.Fine-tuning UI at vital areas of functional sequences. 

Here check the Demo of Taxipickr

Final Words

Agriya launches this update by taking into account the present market trends surrounding the taxi-hailing business. Which is why we feel that the release can help customers optimize their business according to the industry evolvements.   

Stay tuned, as the development activities are carried out in full swing to meet the future release. 

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