Agriya is all set to launch its new version of ABS - Zocdoc clone script

Doctor Appointment Booking Software - Upgrade

Doctor based appointment booking services have revolutionized the present market and have enabled greater access to patients. We at Agriya have identified the need for an advanced version of our product to allow greater access to Doctors and patients to suit the present times. ABS - Zocdoc clone script is one of our premier products, this is basically a Zoc Doc clone script which was specifically designed by Agriya in an effort to provide superior booking services for patients and Doctors.

So why was this update necessary?

We noticed a few glitches in our previous version which was affecting the overall performance of the application. To rectify this, we have fixed a few minor bugs and added a few strategic plug-ins to make the application more productive.

Rectified and refined to perfection

The layout of the application have been changed and typographical changes have been enabled to provide better visibility. The user settings have been modified slightly to grant more flexibility. A search option which existed in the previous version has been upgraded to provide better access to patients. Alert messages and notifications have been slightly altered to offer more quick and instant updates to both Doctors and patients.

Integration of Innovative plug-ins

We realized the need for essential plug-ins which will facilitate greater flexibility in the script.

Flexible mailing system

The earlier version of ABS had a more simplistic messaging interface with only a simple SMS notification regarding the booking confirmation a possibility. However, we have introduced a new concept this time, with the Doctor able to edit the contents of the message to suit his needs and the patient’s requirements. This is applicable to both SMS and email formats. 

Exhaustive patient history

Normally a patient medical history will enclose all the details of the patient, which is inclusive of all their latest test and scan results. We have formulated a new design for this particular section, to provide more transparency between Doctors and patients. This time the medical history can be edited and formatted as per the patient’s wishes. 

Changeable medical field list

Before the appointment can be fixed with their preferred Doctor, patients have to fill in the details about their age, gender, etc in the designated Doctor’s field group. This list will automatically take in the patient’s default details every time the user logs in, however under special circumstances, if the user decides to book the appointment for his friend or relative, the Doctor can add specific fields to get more information about the patient. Due to this update Doctors can edit, modify and format the field lists to procure accurate information.

Final words

This latest version of Appointment booking script is designed with extreme precision to suit the modern medical needs. We have integrated these efficient features to make this platform more flexible and efficient. This updated version of ABS is presently available in three separate subscription packages. The basic, default features are present in the advanced package and most of the high-end features are present in the Pro and Pro plus packages. If you are looking forward to knowing more about ABS and its features, please check our official website.  

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