Agriya Presents A Comprehensive Online Learning Solution

Education all these years were rapidly evolving and is constantly progressing with great pace as for now. Since education was so deeply connected with human civilization, it posses great value and is capable to impose a great impact on the future of humanity. And due to this reason, it has become the main consideration of any society and thus created a great demand for it.

Today’s education scenario is ever-inviting and hence promotes innovation and novelty. Take this into consideration, Agriya now introduces an inventive online learning solution, built in such a way to adapt to modern-day education market while satisfying both business and learning outlook.

Two-way Learning Solution For Present-day Education

Agriya releases online learning solution to redefine today’s educational practices, ultimately made for ensuring maximum sustainability and compatibility. This tailor-built learning solution incorporates best teaching practices along with world-class learning methods to bring out one collective educative experience.

- Productive Teaching Methods Built On Flexible Strategies

Create and organize the lessons - Agriya’s one-stop learning solution enables the instructors to create the lessons according to their expertise, moreover, allow them to arrange and organize the lesson accordingly.

Integrates Videos and pdf lessons - Allows instructors to incorporate video lessons and documents to bring more value to the teaching practices.

Systematic assessments to evaluate students - Given charge to conduct assessments to better evaluate students and thereafter plan and execute better teaching approaches accordingly.

Interaction through quizzes, Q&A and more - Provide opportunities for instructors to add interactive sessions like quizzes, Q&A, assignments and more to develop more engagement. 

Adaptable Training Scenarios - Considering convenience as a prior concern, Agriya’s online learning platform enables the instructors to conduct classes online or onsite accordingly. 

Revenue sharing with other faculties - Teachers are allowed to invite other faculties to join their teaching practices and further sharing the revenue with them.

- Adaptable Learning Practices As A Viable Approach

Choose and learn From the courses - Students can choose from the assigned courses, followed by learning those conveniently.

Self-assessment and analysis - Incorporates practice tests to help students evaluate themselves, moreover, the teachers to analyze the progress of their students.

Quizzes, Q&A and more for better teacher-student interaction - Enable students to engage with teachers through productive methods such as quizzes, assignments, question and answer sessions and more.

Video and pdf/doc lessons - Incorporates video possibilities and document lessons into regular educational practices to add more value. 

Choose from online and onsite learning practices - Pick the best learning scenario by considering the suitability and availability. Offer both online lessons as well onsite practices to ensure maximum adaptability.

Real-Time updates on courses - Students can provide real-time feedback on courses, teaching practices and more to ultimately benefit the whole learning practices.

Make payments from anywhere in the world - pay money online in any of several foreign currencies. Convenient transaction through safe and secure payment gateways.

- Business-Oriented Tutoring Solution That Ensures Market Centricity

Administer the whole process efficiently - Manage and handle teachers, students, courses and all important aspects and thus streamline the whole process with ease.

Bulk course creation - Create courses at a stretch and thus save productive time and effort.

Guaranteed revenue generation - Earn revenue through 4 distinct strategies, organic, referral, affiliate, and advertising. 

Data insights and reports - Provide deep insights into customers, courses etc, generate consolidated reports which include revenue generation, courses, and more

Segmentize the process by assigning sub admins - Assign several sub-admins to efficiently organize and manage the whole process.


Agriya’s complete online learning solution is an iterated version of conventional E-learning platforms. It fuses the best learning practices with first-class teaching procedures to deliver a feasible yet sustainable educational experience. Releasing this incredible E-learning solution with an assurance of precision and sustenance, making it the most fitting online solution for anyone who yearns for a  compliant learning destination.

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