Agriya releases a first of it’s kind On-demand Taxi Booking solution

There is a never-ending demand for taxis in today’s world. Factors such as rising population, increased disposable income and a shortage of definitive public transport system have influenced the growth of taxi booking business. Despite the market being relatively young, it is maturing gradually paving way for new entrants to explore this market. However, it should be noted that there is a lack of distinguished applications in the market which will actually make a difference to the commuters. 

We at Agriya have analyzed the market and explored the deficiencies of the products currently in the market and what they lack in substance. After much thought and consideration, we have finally released an answer to solve all the commuter related issues - A highly innovative On-demand Taxi booking solution

What to expect from this solution?

Agriya’s hallmark is market analysis, by exploring the market we have identified certain factors which influence the overall quality of a ride. We have carefully integrated certain aspects which were later fine-tuned and crafted to be a ready-made, fully intact Taxi booking solution. Streamlined booking system, supported by a powerful and well-balanced framework ensures that connectivity doesn’t hinder the process of booking a cab. 

Accurate pick-up and drop locations

Navigation concept has been revitalized and potential passengers can locate the cabs through maps in a much simpler way. With the added advantage of GPS integration, tracking customers and dropping them to their precise locations is easy. 

Driver-focused attributes to improve the quality of the ride

In our effort to polish the quality of the drive, we have amalgamated driver-oriented features. Flexible fare system has been implemented to ensure that it is set to modern times. Peak hour charges and late night hiked rates have been introduced to compensate the drivers fairly for their efforts during peak times. Drivers will also get compensated if the passenger unfairly cancels the booking at the last minute.

Systematized booking process

Booking process has been refined to assure the quick availability of cabs for the passengers. An in-built fleet management system allows the admin to streamline the booking process. This fleet management system monitors the booking frequency and makes sure that the booked vehicles don’t overweigh the demand for cabs. 

Secured gateways for trouble-free transactions

Both drivers and passengers can benefit from the secure payment gateways as they can take advantage of the secure payment system to indulge in safe transactions. Flawless payment gateways are integral to long-term customer satisfaction. 

Dynamic interface for all-around performance

Customer experience is always driven by the quality of the features that have been ingrained in your application. In order to maintain a level of interest among customers, we have designed the user interface to be highly interactive. Vivid and highly tantalizing, passengers will be encouraged to use this flawless interface. The dashboard aspect has gone through a considerable revamp, with the majority of the functions included that can be easily accessed.

Final Thoughts

Agriya’s unique Taxi booking solution is pre-loaded with state-of-the-art features which facilitates flawless booking process. If your concern is long-term survival in the market, then this Taxi Booking solution is an ideal fit for your business. Perfect for start-ups, the customizable aspect allows you to add certain elements which are integral to your business. Utilize this brilliant solution to start your own Taxi booking business.


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