On-demand Home Services Industry Insights - Latest Research & Success Strategies

On-demand services marketplace connotes a complete platform which facilitates users to avail any services they need. The well-adapted industry matured as it surpasses $34 billion in terms of total US transaction value. Moreover, it is predicted to exceed $57 billion by the end of this year. It is clear that the world around us is transforming to digital dimension. Convenience and accessibility have become the main aspects of any business, they compete to deliver the best solution to satisfy the niche market demands.

Service marketplace industry stands among of some of the best rapid-growing digital markets, it is evolving as more and more service providers find peace with this incredible idea of all-encompassing services marketplace. Three years before, 76 businesses provided on-demand services in just 6 industries, but the situation has changed over time. Big players such as Amazon and Thumbtack has already secured their spot in the market seeing the massive potential the industry has within.

What does it take to Succeed in On-demand Service Marketplace Industry?

The current global on-demand services scenario is packed with opportunities for businesses. It hasn’t exceeded its growth cycle yet, thus it offers immense futuristic possibilities for aspiring business organizations. Below mention the key aspects to succeed in current on-demand home services market scenario.

Keen Grasp on Recent Market and Marketing Strategies

Despite any industry or business, knowledge always brings big differences. Researching on recent market situations, demands, and challenges and then introducing an efficient solution for the same is the primary step to take. Without deep knowledge and data, no matter what you can’t succeed. Another key aspect to consider is marketing. In the midst of all these competitors, among all those newly-born on-demand marketplace platforms, what makes you unique? Do you have an excellent marketing campaign to backup your effort? If no, you are less likely to succeed, It is hardly possible to survive.

An efficient On-demand service booking Platform for Guaranteed Success

Since being a digital business sector, on-demand home services business requires an online platform to exist. Everything happens on the platform and how efficiently the platform reacts has great influence on the outcome.  A cutting-edge software application drives ease and flexibility, moreover it streamlines the admin-side operations, facilitate businesses to manage the process as efficiently as possible.

Crucial Factors for an On-demand Home Services Platform

The major three entities in on-demand service business include Users, service professionals, and businesses. One should merge these whole three elements with equal consideration and must deliver a competitive experience to all. Below listing the major features that should be included while developing an on-demand service marketplace.

- Social media integration for guaranteed convenience

- Advanced GPS integration to locate the right service professionals

- A solid admin panel to control and monitor ongoing processes

- Simplified service booking system for easy booking

- Genuine payment gateways for safe transactions

- Reviews and ratings to help businesses improve

Employ Agriya’s Full-scale On-demand Service Booking Platform for Sustained Success

Agriya, a known name in modern-day website and mobile app development market has launched an unrivaled on-demand service booking solution, which allows businesses to set up an on-demand services marketplace platform straight away. It implies a complete software solution that incorporates all the crucial elements to support your effort to deliver a compelling service booking experience. It adapts great with current market expectations and fulfills the demands perfectly.

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Global on-demand services market is growing substantially. It will predictably grow at a CAGR of 49% by 2021. We are expecting a remarkable number of startups in the upcoming years, besides we expect several other relevant services to join this idea of a complete marketplace. If you are an entrepreneur or business who have a sight on future service marketplace business, this is the right time to step into the market.  “Any time is a good time to start a company.”  –Ron Conway, Noted Startup Investor, SV Angel

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