Agriya to Take on Food Delivery Market with a Smart Food Ordering Solution

Food Ordering Solution from Agriya

Global food delivery scenario has been exposed to the recent digital advancements and thus became more efficient and convenient.  It put forth a norm for restaurants and other food businesses to integrate the delivery service along with their conventional business approach. Considering this current scenario, Agriya came up with an idea to develop an efficacious online food ordering solution, which facilitates business organizations to set up an incredible food ordering platform within a limited period of time. 

Here is what you can expect

Agriya introduces their first-ever Food Ordering Solution with a vision to help small and medium businesses, to make it easy for them to compete with the industry leaders. It contains many built-in features to streamline the admin-side operations, thus making it more performance efficient. 

Providing Incredible User-experience via User-friendly Approach

The feature-packed online solution Agriya assures an impeccable user experience by incorporating several user-focused attributes. By simplifying the user-flow and operations, Agriya guarantees utmost user-credibility.

Streamlined UI  and Navigation

The food ordering solution from Agriya’s line of products includes a dynamic UI and navigation, which create an ultimate end-user experience for the users.  Advanced search options help them to find their favorite restaurant easily.

Easy Authentication Methods

Join the food ordering platform easily by utilizing the flexible sign-in options. You can sign up with social profiles or by using the regular Email method.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Give feedback on the services, quality of food delivered etc. Help organizations improve further.

Order History for Previous Transaction Details

Access your previous order information through order history. Track and monitor the same when needed. 

Secure Payments

Users can make use of the reliable payment gateways such as Paypal to ensure a flawless money transaction. 

Efficient Food Delivery with Agriya’s Online Food Ordering Solution

Delivery partners are restaurants and other outsourced delivery businesses. Included several inventive features to simplify their efforts to deliver a compelling delivery experience. Here's the demo,
Own and Outsourced Delivery Opportunities

Agriya’s online food ordering solution can be utilized by both own and outsourced delivery. It suits both and satisfies the needs of both. You can set up your own delivery system or else you can run an outsourced delivery business. 

Manage orders and delivery 

Handle the orders and delivery with ease and precision. Manage and organize the same, deliver an impeccable end-user experience.

Cutting-edge Navigation and Tracking

With the help or advanced GPS facilities, we provide flawless navigation, which helps the delivery person to complete their task efficiently. Moreover, the business can track the ongoing delivery process as well.

Businesslike Food Ordering Solution for Flawless Admin-side Operations 

The success and sustenance of any business are proportionally related to its smooth functioning. The renowned food ordering solution from Agriya is packed with features to facilitate businesses to organize and manage the process. 

Full-scale Admin Dashboard

A powerful admin panel is integrated within the online food ordering solution to aid businesses to take control over the overall process. It gives them a clear-cut idea about the ongoing process as well. 

Automated Analytical Insights

Get access to customer behavior data with the help of intelligent analytical insights. Utilize the same to streamline the decision-making process.

Predefined Email Templates

Take advantage of default Email templates to optimize your Email marketing strategy. Save valuable time and effort by using this great feature.

Real-time Alerts

Notify users and delivery partners anytime. Maintain an active communication channel with this.

Final Thoughts

The conventional food business focused on consistent quality of service and food. But present scenario takes a step forward to incorporate flexibility and convenience to bring a next level experience to their customers. Agriya’s new software debut, the online food ordering solution is the best in market software, which can easily be employed and set up an incredible food delivery platform

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