Agriya launches an impeccable Social networking solution for new-age digital businesses

Social networking has become a standard. In fact, it is hard to find someone without a social presence. The rapid growth in adopting social platforms has inspired businesses to bid on the same. And so far it has been successful. Besides, other B2C enterprises have begun using social platforms to connect with their customers. However, foreseeing the potential possibilities of social networking platforms in further years, Agriya developed an incredible social networking solution, adequate for startup businesses to set up an excelling social media platform right away.

Here is What you can Expect

The feature-filled software solution from Agriya is well-balanced social networking solution, which gives equal consideration to businesses as well as users. Apart from typical attributes, Agriya has invested their expertise to further innovate the concept. Here we discuss some of the core features that are incorporated into the platform.

Immersive Interface- Easy Site Navigation

Given priority for website navigation as it solely influences the customer satisfaction. The rationalized interface helps users to easily navigate through pages, making it simple for them to finish their desired operations.

Instant Filtration Options

Quick editing feature is incorporated into this solution. Users can crop and try some different filters to their photos/videos. This will give a new changeover, a personalized touch to their stories.

Set up Privacy Settings

Users are given the privilege to choose their own privacy options. They can choose the audience for their stories by themselves. Moreover, they will have the control to decide which all stories are going to be shown in their timeline. By giving total freedom in terms of privacy, Agriya’s impeccable social networking solution follows a completely user-focused approach. 

Ratings and Feedback

Users can express their opinions and suggestions via feedback. They can rate the social media platform as well. This gives businesses an idea of how satisfied their users are and how much more effort they have to put to improve the platform further.

Powerful Admin Controls

In order to streamline admin-side operations, Agriya’s in-depth software solution has integrated a dynamic admin dashboard. It enables businesses to track and control the entire process happening on the platform.

Developing Ad Revenue

Social network advertising options are included in this solution. Businesses can allow other B2C businesses to display their ads before a large audience. It helps businesses to improve their reach, moreover, it can help you earn some revenue as well. 

Insight-driven Analytics

Automated analytics are integrated into Agriya’s social networking solution, which helps businesses to understand what is working better and what is not. It provides insights on customer actions, behavior and business performance. It helps businesses to take logical decisions.

Alerts and Notifications

Admin can send alerts to users regarding security, login requests and more.This help businesses to notify their users anytime without any interruption.

The ready-made script of social networking solution is available for download. Here you can Download Social Networking Solution.

Final Words

Today’s social networking culture is completely demand-driven. The success rate is solely proportional to the number of loyal users. And the best success strategy for any social networking business is none but never letting go your credible users, at the same time adding more and more new users in a consistent manner. Agriya’s first-ever social networking solution contains a multitude of innovative features, which are built to deliver an exceptional experience to the users. Employ Agriya premium software solution now! Be a part of future social networking revolution. 

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