Launching an inclusive Upgrade over Agriya’s doctor appointment software- Streamline your medical scheduling through efficient automation

We are living in a golden era; we are so progressed and have access to a large array of information and technologies that can potentially ease our lives. The recent innovations in technology have influenced healthcare to a great extent; AI, Machine learning has already been introduced to magnify the efficiency of treatments. However, the actual challenge is to reach people and help them get benefitted out of it. The notion of appointment scheduling take birth as the demand began rising; to better organize and manage the appointments. With proper technology integration, we further modified and introduced the appointment scheduling paradigm we have today.

Agriya’s latest update on their premium doctor booking solution is an outgrowth of the pre-deployed version of the same. However, it isn’t the same anymore, but much dynamic in nature and efficient in all its functions.  After all, the ready-made property of the script is maintained same, so it is easy to engage and transformed into a comprehensive appointment booking platform.

The Newly Upgraded ABS- A Perfect Addition that Well Complements Your Healthcare Business

The first released version of our doctor appointment booking solution was admired by several healthcare businesses, and it still serves many handle their appointments in an efficient manner. However, it has been quite a while since we had it in our mind; for there are few aspects of ABS which seriously require a touch of modification. And because we spend a significant amount of time researching and comprehending where it is needed to be modified, we made a determined decision to transform the script in a way it adapts to the current market scenario. Try the demo,

Built for Diverse Healthcare Business Verticals

Healthcare is a very generalized term but contains diverse business possibilities within. For instance, you can practice as an individual health expert, at the same time, you can run a medical centre or clinic as well. Even you can have a diagnosis centre or an NGO business that covers a much larger demographics. This is why we introduced a novel perspective into our script; for it allows doctors, Clinics, Hospitals, Diagnostics Centers or even Volunteers to join and make the best use of our platform. Most of all, this solution can be utilized by any kind of healthcare businesses or health experts and streamline their appointment scheduling mechanism.

Easy and Flexible Appointment Scheduling

When it comes to users, the most crucial part is how they feel about your platform. Imagine if you have an intricate UI/UX design and navigation mechanism. This might be very frustrating to your users; for it will be confusing and tedious for them to involve in the tasks they wish to perform. In Agriya’s premium doctor appointment software, the UI/UX design is made simple and user-predictable, which facilitates users efforts to book an appointment with a doctor/health centre. An advanced search strategy is implemented as well, also, provided an option to create sub-accounts.

User Privileges are Well Taken Care of

As known to everyone, despite the vertical you are into, users are the most valuable resource for any business. And this why it is important to make your users feel privileged and valued. Our expert developers made sure that the solution we offer brings more value to the users, also ensure great control over the actions they perform.
- Flexible sign in/sign up methods for easy authentication
- Personalized profile pages- add/modify the information whenever you want
- Daily/weekly/monthly calendar views for efficient and flawless scheduling
- Modifiable medical history for doctor’s reference
- Options to add cities, branches, doctors, specialities and more
- Feedback and reviews on the service we’ve rendered

Complements Business Growth

We all as aspiring entrepreneurs encounter a similar situation, where we desperately want to enlarge our business reach. And this why our premium solution incorporates a handful of opportunities that can facilitate business growth and potential. You can add more cities as your business grow, also you can add different branches, doctors or even specialities as per the resources you have. Besides, we implemented multilingual support to incorporate international users.

Productive Income Generation Scheme to Facilitate the ROI

Even if every business has a vision of serving humanity, money is something that always stays at the top of our priority list. And without proper investment and profit, any business will fall apart. This is the reason why we incorporated a subscription-based model, that is known effective for its capability to improve scalability, valuation and customer relationships.

An All-inclusive Ready-made Script for Rapid Deployment

Even after issuing a comprehensive upgrade, the ready-made property of our ZocDoc script is still kept the same. Businesses or individual can engage the script and transform the same into a smart appointment scheduling platform within a short span of time. Also, because the script is open to customization, one can modify the same with consideration to their unique business objectives.


Agriya has begun serving the global software realm two decades ago. And since then, we have assisted numerous businesses and entrepreneurs, deploys over thousands of web/mobile apps and changed the fortune of many by offering solutions. We follow our own development strategies and approaches, perform deep researches, experiment, innovate and constantly push our limits to bring forth the best out of our ideas.

For more information regarding our doctor booking solution and to access the free trial, explore our website.

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