6 best Crowdfunding Platforms to fulfil your next business idea

Crowdfunding- the modern way of fundraising is getting some serious traction as of now. Millennial businesses are highly benefitted through crowdfunding; for there are no limits to dream now. An efficient crowdfunding platform can help businesses or ideators connect with potential interests and thus get funded within a specific period of time. The best part, we have some kind of control in the success of the campaign. Through realistic marketing and promotional strategies, by framing your campaign in such a way it attracts the attention of users, the pitch and story, etc will influence the same. In this article, we feature the best crowdfunding businesses that you might find helpful if you are planning to create a fundraising campaign.


First incepted in the year 2009, Kickstarter is considered the most effective, outcome-oriented crowdfunding choice of millennials. It has so far funded  155,000 projects and has raised over $4 billion. Also, the backers can choose from multiple categories ranging from tech projects to arts, films and publishing. Creating a campaign isn’t that hard when it comes to Kickstarter. You can set a specific goal and time period to complete it. However, you will not get your campaign right away. Kickstarter has to approve the same after their moderation. Besides, for each level of funds raised, you need to reward your backers. In addition, Kickstarter doesn’t allow you to get-hands-on the money raised until the campaign completion. Its an all or nothing platform.


You might have seen already some of the GoFundMe campaigns in social media. It is a common conception that GoFundMe works better for charity. However, it’s not right completely. It can be used by businesses too. And because it is not an all or nothing type of crowdfunding, you can take home whatever you’ve earned so far. The site makes 2.9 % processing fee and 30 cents for every donation. GoFundMe has several successful campaigns;  Las Vegas Victims Fund ($11.8 million) and the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund ($22 million) from GoFundMe. However, GoFundMe is ideal for service-based ideas, such as medical needs or emergency relief. 

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Indiegogo is perfect for tech innovations, creative works, and community projects. And even though it is similar to Kickstarter in some ways, it allows its users to choose between flexible and fixed funding. Fixed funding is ideal for fundraising, where all funds will be returned to your donors if you do not meet the campaign goal. Flexible funding option is adequate for those who will get benefited from any funds raised. Here you don’t have to worry too much about reaching your target goal, get your funds whether or not you meet your goal. 


Crowdfunder kind of platforms is a bit unique when comparing to Kickstarter and all others we have mentioned above. However, this isn’t for faint-hearted; except for getting rewards, you will get a stake in the company itself. Also, Crowdfunder demands only a minimum investment which can amount thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars. The reward will be massive if one choose the right project.

Crowd Supply

Crowd Supply is similar to that weird friend you have in your close friend circle. It focuses more on more obscure ideas that you can’t find in any other crowdfunding websites. One of the successful campaigns in Crowd supply was a French press made out of a mason jar. There was another one which was a budget-based stick PC. So if you are someone who thinks out of the box, who have wildly imaginative ideas, Crowd Supply is the best that suits your needs. 


Keep strictly reserved for non-profits, Chuffed is a crowdfunding platform that encourages campaigns rooted in social causes. No fancy gadgets or tech innovations, just experimental ideas that have the potential to create ripples. However, Chuffed asks ideators for the pitch to be 50 words or less. And if they are impressed with the same, they’ll approve it for crowdfunding. 

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Many have ideas, but only a few succeed in manifesting the same. This was a true statement, in fact, it is true to a certain extent. However, crowdfunding offers amazing opportunities for those who have unique and productive ideas. And this why crowdfunding fame has skyrocketed. Today, crowdfunding itself is considered an excellent business opportunity. Agriya’s ready-made Lending and Borrowing software enables millennial enterprises to easily employ the script and transform the same into a full-fledged crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter. 

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