Agriya to Launch an Inclusive Upgrade for its Premium Lend Crowdfunding Script

Crowdfunding is the new fundraising norm, for it has now become the first and last choice of millennial businesses when it comes to raising funds. Instead of indulging in traditional banking, new-age businesses opt to rely on crowdfunding because of convenience and flexibility. Today, small and medium businesses are desperate to take advantage of this opportunity, and thus invading the fundraising scenario hoping to find a fortune in it. To facilitate these millennial enterprises’ efforts and to serve their unique business needs, Agriya introduced a top-rate crowdfunding solution.

However, the crowdfunding solution from Agriya’s product line has successfully served a multitude of enterprises, now we believe its the right time to innovate and transcend the whole experience of our existing solution. This recent update aims to streamline the major aspects in our Lend script that needs to be transformed to fit the expectations of millennials.

Introduced Golang and Reactjs to Improve UI Efficiency

It wasn’t an obvious choice to introduce two novel technologies into an existing system. However, the decision is the byproduct of a realization that a highly intuitive interface can change the game of business. It is already proven that a clear value proposition, mobile-optimized navigation, focused call-to-actions and a streamlined checkout process can uplift the total user experience. Our newly updated crowdfunding solution’s prior focus is on rationalized the existing interface in such a way it satisfies all the expectations of both users and businesses. Moreover, other aspects including information architecture, browser consistency, error handling, and piping are streamlined to deliver you the best digital experience.

Except this, Data security is given significant consideration, and so make sure it will never be a concern to users. GO crypto package is adopted to ensure the same. Total deposit management, credits and the lending management, etc are also being taken care of. 
Spotlight of Lend Crowdfunding Update

Enhanced error and exception handling
Improved maintainability through advanced interface-based programming practices
Bettered Visual Hierarchy and UI Content Organization
Simplified credit Management
Secure and reliable payment gateways
CloudFlare integration for efficient content delivery

Final Thoughts

Agriya has been an active presence in global software scenario since the year 2000. And so far we have deployed a multitude of software solutions, all built specifically to meet the needs of particular niches. Our  Lend Crowdfunding script isn’t an exception too. This ready-made solution is the easiest way to kickstart a crowdfunding business; for it can easily be employed and transformed into a matured crowdfunding platform. Because it is open for modification, it can be customized to meet the uniques goals of your business.

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