What is the Business model of Practo? How do such platforms make money?

With an average of 50 million appointments per year, Practo is one of the largest players in the online appointment scheduling market. Over 25 million patients from all around the globe rely on Practo’s web and mobile app to find and fix appointments with healthcare experts. Practo approximately gets 10 million online searches every month. So, what is the secret behind this? This document talks around Practo’s business and revenue model. Enjoy the read.

Practo-  Funding Facts
Practo so far raised $140 million from Tencent Holdings, Altimeter Capital, Google Capital, Sequoia Capital, Sofina and Yiri Milner.

Practo’s Business and Revenue Model

Considering Practo as the biggest player in the health tech vertical, they generate revenue through diverse sources. However, before looking deep into the business model, we must take look at various propositions available to healthcare startups.

        Supplies and services for hospitals and clinics
        Manage finance and administration(SAAS, CRM, HMS)
        Remote assistance using skype kind of solutions
        Sales of Medicines
        Data or Record Management

However, Practo makes money from two major sources. 1) The premium listing is the main source of their income. The first listing displayed on any search in Practo will be a sponsored one. Doctors, hospitals or clinics have to pay to secure this spot and get maximum reach. Zomato is following the same strategy. 2) Practo’s premium tool designed specifically for doctors is the second source of their income. Doctor’s can make use of this tool on an annual contract basis.

How to Improve Your Online Bookings?

Hope you have got an idea about Practo and other similar businesses earn revenue. This section gives you some valuable insights regarding how you can optimize your appointment booking strategy.

        Optimize your booking page URL. Make it relevant and easy to remember as well
        Design your landing page in a way it is easy for anyone to book appointments.
        Make the appointment booking form simple and accurate. No users like to give away a lot of their personal data
        Indulge ins SEO and other digital promotional practices. Make sure it’s ranking in Google is fair enough to attract more users
        Add your booking page URL to the email signature. I help others to easily refer your business to others
        Social media marketing and promotions are inevitable. Enable users to book appointments easily with a click.

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