Create a Crowdfunding Platform in 5 Easy Steps- Guidelines and Efficient Practices to Adopt

Every sign in global business realm suggests the massive traction crowdfunding concept is getting today. Over $34 billion has been raised so far through crowdfunding alone, moreover, the global fundraising market is predicted to grow to over $300 billion by the year 2025. No wonder why a large number of businesses are stepping into crowdfunding opportunities. However, since a significant portion of business operations can only be handled within the digital platform, building an efficient crowdfunding platform is nothing less than your foremost priority. Here in this document, we discuss the guidelines and successful practices to build an inclusive crowdfunding solution.

5 Simple Steps to Build a Crowdfunding Software

If someone would ask us how hard it is building a crowdfunding platform, we would say it’s actually easy considering the resources we have at our reach. However, here we list out 5 crucial steps, the foundation for building a successful crowdfunding software.

Choose the Right Crowdfunding Vertical

Anyone who seeks to find a fortune in crowdfunding business should begin with finding the right crowdfunding vertical that suits their goals and objectives. Listed below different crowdfunding categories.

Reward Crowdfunding- Allows investors to contribute in return to non-financial benefits. Ideal for creative projects.

Debt Crowdfunding- Allows investors to fund your project in exchange for financial benefits. This kind of crowdfunding model works best for businesses with a good financial track record.

Equity Crowdfunding- This allows investors to offer money in return for your shares, or a small stake in your business, project or venture. This kind of crowdfunding model is adequate for growth-focused companies.

Donation Crowdfunding- This is particularly designed for charities or someone who try to raise funds for a social cause.

Pick Appropriate Technical Stack

Kickstarter is the crowdfunding gold standard, and if you are planning to build a crowdfunding website similar to the same, make sure that you have the right resources at your reach. Because the technical stack is huge, here we list out the major aspects you must consider.

Web servers
Nameserver Providers
Email services
Hosting providers
SSL certificates
Frameworks – Spring/Struts 2 and J2EE
Analytics and Tracking
JavaScript libraries

Provide Streamlined Payment Options

Since crowdfunding involves money and finance-related operations, to have a secure and reliable transaction method is inevitable. Data security, accuracy and flexibility should be the key considering factors. And if you are looking for any possible suggestions, Stripe, Paypal and Braintree would be the best options to be taken into account.

Design a Content Strategy

It says content is the king, so doesn’t it important to have an efficient content strategy for your business? Because content is the medium that converses with your users, we suggest a personalized approach that focuses on a specific set of users. Moreover, the project page is the key; one must allow his/her’s users to share the content across social networks and through emails as well.

Invest in Marketing and Promotions

Last but not least is marketing and promotions. As someone involved digital business, you can’t afford not having a successful, realistic marketing strategy. Invest your time an effort on both SEO and paid promotions, and do not ignore the possibilities of social networking too. The reach of your campaign is what decides the success of it. So it is recommended to hire a proficient digital marketing expert if you are not familiar with the marketing practices.

Why Partner With Agriya?

Building and deploying a crowdfunding platform demands serious expertise, resources and utmost dedication. Today, unfortunately, it has become hard for small and medium-level businesses to afford a full-scale development process, and this is why Agriya decided to introduce a ready-made Lending and Borrowing software that can facilitate the efforts of millennial businesses. This cookie-cutter script can easily be employed and can be transformed into a complete crowdfunding solution without any hassles.

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