The Ways in which an Efficient e Appointment booking Software can Streamline Millennial Businesses

Imagine if the world had decided to settle for the stereotype, unwilling to take the chances, disregarding novel ideas and possibilities, how decelerated would’ve been its rate of progress. Fortunately, we were open to taking risks, experimenting and implementing new ideas. The inception of digital was such kind of a brave yet inevitable step towards the future of human progress. Every aspect of our existence in the physical realm now has a digital replication. Businesses are not an exception too. When every other facet of a business has gone digital, appointment scheduling has to cope with the trend.

Today, online booking has become a crucial standard for the efficient functioning of businesses. Because we have an abundance of choices online, to give an efficient, personalized experienced is the only way to attract the attention of millennial users. An online booking software optimizes the process of appointment scheduling, organize the same and streamline the payment too. By making the user experience a bit more pleasant, it improves the chances of conversion.

Appointment Scheduling- Facts and Figures 

● Total appointments booked successfully between April-June 2018 is 350,190
● Out of total successful appointments, 47% bookings were the contribution of clients, staffs responsible for the remaining 53%
● 76% of users prefer mobile to book appointments, whereas the desktop users account for only 22%
● The rate of appointment scheduling is at its peak on workdays when comparing to weekends
● Social networks account for 37% of successful appointments, 31% via web referral, and the remaining 28% was direct
● Instagram is the most effective social website in terms of getting users to book appointments. 58% of bookings via social media is happening on Instagram, whilst Facebook is accountable for 37%

How an Appointment Scheduling Software Might Help You Improve Your Business Potential?

Except for rationalizing the appointments and organizing the same to simplify the process, an appointment booking software can streamline some other aspects of digital business as well. This section covers the diverse benefits of incorporating an appointment booking solution as part of their business strategy.

Sync Appointments with Google Calendar, Outlook, and More

Calendar synchronization is one critical feature that every appointment booking software must possess. It automatically updates the calendar once a booking is confirmed. This particular attribute makes sure that you didn’t miss any appointment or schedules. Also, few appointment solutions offer an extra punch to the flavour by allowing to assign employees to specific tasks.

Email Marketing Support

If the prime focus of a millennial appointment software is merely managing the bookings, There wouldn’t have been any point for newcomers to enter this scenario. Hence and so, a multitude of other features is integrated to deliver a comprehensive experience to the users. Email marketing support is one such aspect incorporated to facilitate your email marketing efforts. The appointment scheduling software can be integrated with MailChimp or any other similar email marketing tool to streamline your marketing strategy.

Optimized Transactions

Money is the root of any business, it is the most concerning factor to the clients as well. For this reason, one must optimize the way the transaction occurs. An appointment booking software can streamline the money transactions with the help of reliable payment gateways such as Paypal, Stripe, etc. Besides, you can give them options of part-payments, such as deposits, or full payments.

Pre-built Email Templates to Send Automated  Follow-up Emails

One of the most obvious reasons why any appointment business lost earnings is the users fail to turn up for their appointments. Built-in email templates and automated follow-up feature helps businesses notify their clients in prior regarding the appointment. However, the benefits of automated texts and emails are not restricted to missing appointments, it also improves customer interaction and overall experience.

Supports Social Media Promotion

Social media has now become an integral part of our daily life. And this is the reason why social media marketing is crucial for your business. When it comes to appointment booking solution, social networks account for a majority of appointments. You can promote your unique discounts and offers to attract users, moreover, link them directly to the appointment booking system to allow them to book an appointment instantly.

Create and Add website or webpages

Most of the appointment booking systems have some kind of CMS. And this makes it easy for you to create or even edit your webpages within the platform. You can alter the content as you wish, upload images and include some style if its necessary for branding purposes.

Why Partner With Agriya?

As explained above, an appointment booking software can facilitate your business in a diverse manner. However, to build one from scratch is still a tedious process for someone who has no sheer expertise in coding. This where Agriya’s Appointment scheduling solution matters. Crafted specifically to meet the millennial market demands, this appointment system is a ready-made solution, which can easily be employed and transformed into a matured digital platform without hassle.

Explore our website to access the free product trial.

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