5 best ways to schedule appointments efficiently

No matter you run a healthcare business or involved any service-based trade, scheduling appointment is always a key factor that has a direct influence on conversions. And for this reason, it is crucial to have an efficient appointment booking strategy. Imagine if a user reaches your website through organic search and if your booking system isn’t up to the mark or the UI isn’t simple as it meant to be, the user experience will be at stake.
However, here we list out 5 important aspects which you can implement and optimize your scheduling system to improve your business potential. 

Inspire patient self-scheduling

The age of scheduling appointment via phone calls are long gone. In fact, who wants to invest that much time, effort and money for an inefficient system when they can put hands on a more systematic accurate method. According to Patientpop, the majority of patients prefer to schedule their own appointments online. In actual, 26% of appointments scheduled online is either for the same day or tomorrow, filling up the missing slots. 
The inception of smart devices has also catalysed this digitalization of the scheduling process. Since the majority of the world’s population relies on mobile devices for almost everything, appointment booking isn’t an exception. Considering the alluring benefits of the same, many millennial enterprises are adopting the online booking concept, for an appointment booking software offers great convenience to both users and practitioners.

Set Priorities for Appointments

Your personal problems need personal solutions. This is how the business works today. Understanding the unique demands and needs of your users can empower you to deliver the best solution that satisfies them. Prioritizing your patients with respect to how quick their needs have to be addressed is how an efficient scheduling system excel. Include an add-on option for a phone consultation, because some issues can be resolved with a brief phone call or email. 

Appointment Reminders to Minimize No Shows

The role of an appointment booking software isn’t over with the booking part, follow up SMS and emails play a vital role in minimizing the no-shows. Once the booking phase is completed, the patients must receive notifications/alerts to remind them about the appointments. This, in turn, will improve the on-time arrivals.

Create a Patient Waiting List

Cancellations are one of the major stumbling blocks in appointment scheduling business. Having a patient waitlist is the best precaution you can take to avoid missing appointments. Have a digitally stored patient waiting list and send mass notifications to all when an empty slot is available. Instead of contacting everyone to notify about the availability, you can implement this strategy to let users patients’  book the appointment. Having such a strategy is a great time saver and revenue maintainer.

Patient Recare and Recall

A patient recall system is nothing but a proven strategy to bring back your existing customers. This allows your patients to never miss out any of their regular appointments, at the same time, allows you to keep your schedules tight all the time. This can be executed by sending out a reminder email, text or voice call letting them know it’s time to reschedule.

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